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SAFE & HEALTHY drinking water for communities in need

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HOPE2WATER is a non-profit organization founded by Peter and Sarah Davis based on the severe water conditions observed on their yearly trips to Haiti starting in 2009. Peter and Sarah began their travels to Haiti on various trips to Haiti to help the people with anything needed, ranging from: painting hospitals, serving on eye care medical teams, serving at orphanages, as well as organizing fundraisers here in the United States. While on the trips to Haiti they began to form relationships with the local Haitian people and experienced the pain and suffering that the Haitian people face as a society. Hyrouance Cadet, is the Chaplin at the Hospital located in Dessalines, in which he has become a very good friend. He has heightened our awareness of the extremely poor water conditions in his village because the current wells are contaminated.



The conditions alone have caused numerous deaths to his family and friends that draw water from the same well each year along with hundreds of others that use the wells as their water source. It is very sad because it is a condition that they cannot be fixed without outside help. With this on our hearts we decided to start as a non-profit organization that has the following Mission Statement: “HOPE2WATER saves lives by delivering safe and healthy drinking water to children, families, and communities through philanthropy, advocacy, outreach, and custom water solutions”.


Hope2Water's goal over the next several years is to provide clean water to the people in Haiti. By repairing current wells and upgrading pumps we can provide clean and safe drinking water to 104,000 people.







Funds to be Raised by 2012

People Impacted for 20 Years

Pumps to be Replaced

We Help Many People

Want to Become a Volunteer

Please contact Rose Amaya if you are interested in volunteering.


Why Choose Hope2Water

SAVE lives


One well provides clean and safe drinking water to over 2000 people a day.


Women and Children can stay in school instead of having to gather water on a daily basis for the family.


Prevents the spread of water borne diseases that claim thousands of lives each year.


Empowers the community to grow crops and sustain a healthy environment.

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.

Our goal is to repair all 1,500 inactive wells, also upgrading all damaged pumps, over a 3 year period. Three project levels are planned with a completion date for the first level, repair 350 wells, targeted for 2018.




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